Inside ME

We all hear that God is in heaven and yet watches all we do.  We know that He is everywhere.  Because of His omnipresent capability, He can do that-be everywhere and know everything all the time!  Pretty impressive right?  Who else can do that?  Who else can be so inmense so as to be everywhere at the same time?? NO ONE!  That’s right, no one can.

I’m sure we all knew that already.  But, as LARGE and INMENSE as He is, as HUGE and GREAT as He is, did you know that He is small enough to live in you and me?  It’s true!  We always think of God as SO huge, that He cannot be contained.  And indeed He is.  But He is also small enough to live inside each one of us.  You see, if you are born again, He lives in you already!  He could be anywhere and everywhere, but He really would much rather be in you!

While Jesus was on the earth, and before He went up to heaven, He told us in John 14:17 that the Spirit of truth would be in us.   Then in verse 26 He reminds us that the Holy Spirit would be in us, and He also lets us know that He would be our advocate!  Not only that, but He will also teach us everything we need to know.  Moreover, in chapter 16, verses 13-15 He says that the Spirit of truth will guide us AND tell us all He hears from Jesus, AND show us everything that belongs to the Father!

So why do we always think of God as being so far off into heaven, that we need to pray extra hard in order to be heard?  You need to keep in mind that the Lord God Almighty, your Father, lives INSIDE YOU.  So no matter how WE may feel about how close or how far God is at any given time, the truth of the matter is that He is INSIDE US!  As BIG as He is, HIS HUGENESS ABIDES IN YOU!!! That’s right!!  So the next time you are feeling like God is just too far, too high, too busy, or just not close enough,  think of how close He really is!


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