…what you SAY!!!

Saying is not only speaking, it is CREATING!

Jesus said in Mark 11:22 & 23 that if we have FAITH in GOD, we could SAY…

The primary way we communicate is by speaking.  But did you know that words weren’t made primarily for communication but for SAYING?

Let me explain.  When we speak, we create! Yes!  You and I were made at the IMAGE and LIKENESS of GOD.  He created with His words and everything we now see and don’t see came into existence.  If we go to Genesis 1:3 we see that God didn’t say “It’s really dark!” He didn’t waste any time or words saying what He saw, He said what He wanted to SEE!!! He said “LET THERE BE LIGHT” and you know what happened next!!  He changed the circumstances around Him to see what He wanted to see-LIGHT!!

Now Jesus tells us that if we say to the mountain to be removed, we will have what we….SAY!!!  When we speak, we create the circumstances around us, good or bad.  But we have the capacity, like GOD, to create with our words.  Therefore, it is only a matter of having FAITH in GOD and deciding what we will SAY ALWAYS!!!

Decide today that your words will always be what you want to see created around you!! Decide:

“I will not just say, I will CREATE!!! With my FAITH in GOD, I will SAY, and SAY, and SAY ALL the GOOD things I want to see in my LIFE!!!”

Mark 11:22-26; Prov 18:20 & 21; Deut 30:19.


Pray, pray, PRAY!!!

It seems as an almost impossible task.  Always?  Let’s see, Jesus took the time to teach us to pray.   The Bible makes mention that He frequently withdrew alone to pray, and He even told the disciples in Luke 21:36 to “watch always and pray”.

Paul also suggests (strongly) that we should pray ALWAYS!  Both in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and in Ephesians 6:18 he reminds the reader to PRAY ALWAYS AND WITHOUT CEASING.

WHY??? I think the key lies in that prayer keeps us watchful.  You see, prayer is not just a means to communicate with God.  Sure enough that is how we talk to our Father, but it is also a way for Him to communicate with us!  If we are always praying, we are constantly talking to Him.  He is constantly talking to us.  We have open lines of communication and He can keep us on our toes-watching-with ease! In fact, if we read further in Ephesians 6:18, Paul tell us that the goal is…..TO BE WATCHFUL!


Therefore, If Jesus prayed always, even right before going to the cross, if Paul prayed ALWAYS, as persecuted as he was, certainly we can do it too, and keep watch.  If you aren’t in the habit of praying, start today!  It’s not difficult, God can even help you.

Confess this today:

“Father,  I commit to praying always, and never-ceasing, like you command me in your Word.  Jesus set the example for me, and I want to do what He did, so I can get His results. Please help me to maintain a spirit of prayer. This I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen!”


Expect to SEE

Don’t wait to see, EXPECT TO SEE!!!

We often hear “If I don’t see it, I don’t believe it.”  And this sounds intelligent enough, however did you know that it totally goes against what God wants us to do?

That’s right.  You see its very easy to get caught up in the frame of mind of ‘everyone else around us’ and to begin thinking logically, analytically, and even intelligently.  However FAITH is not something to be analyzed and have sense made of before it is applied.  No, faith is for the believer.  Faith does not require the use of your senses.  It does not need the aid of anything physical or mental for that matter.  It is a matter of the heart.

The heart?? Yes.  All it requires is a heart willing to believe.  When you got saved and were born again, you had to BELIEVE.  No other requirement.  Ephesians 2:8 tells us that you obtained salvation by grace, but it was accessed through faith!!!


So how do you know you are saved??  You simply BELIEVE!!!  Now if you apply this same principle to every area of your life-BELIEVE ONLY-then things can change direction for you!

What do I mean?  Instead of waiting to see that healing manifest in your body, BELIEVE it is yours! (1 Pet 2:24; Is 53:4,5).  Instead of waiting to see your job promotion, BELIEVE you already have it!! In other words…don’t wait see, EXPECT TO SEE!!!!

Hebrews 10:35-39; 11:6



Good Things!

Is God trying to teach me something?

Not everything in life goes fine and dandy. Reality is that often things may go wrong. Life happens and we may have setbacks. But big or small as they may be, let’s keep this in mind:

God is NOT the one behind the negatives in our life! Not at all! In fact, He is only capable of producing good things! He is ONLY interested in facilitating a GOOD life for us! He gives us GOOD things! Everything GOOD in your life came from HIM! Don’t ever think He lets bad things in our life happen so He can teach us something. NO NEVER!! And He never will!

So as we close out this year, and as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months, let us keep in mind always: He gives us ALL the GOOD we have in our life!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You Have a Commitment

You know that when you were born again, you were made brand new right?  It’s one of the first things we learn as born again believers.  2 Cor 5:17 tells us that.  But did you know that you have been given an assignment?  Better yet, you have been committed to something by God Himself?

Let’s take a look:

…who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation, that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation.    2 Cor 5:18-19.

When we are born again, not only are we recreated and made new, but also God Himself commits us to give this message to everyone:  That He is NOT taking into account their sins!!!  That God Himself, through Jesus Christ, made it so that fellowship and friendship between God and man could be reinstated!  This is GREAT NEWS!!!

And it is our job to tell everyone that God is their Friend and that He is NOT angry with them!  Therefore, if we have been committed to such a task and have been entrusted with such a message, let’s not keep it to ourselves.  Let’s give the message of reconciliation out freely to everyone.  Let’s commit today:

“Lord, I realize that I am a minister of the message of reconciliation.  From today on, I will give out that message to all men, so that they may know that it is your desire to be their Friend.  Thank you Jesus!!!”

Tienes un Encargo

Sabias que si eres nacido de nuevo, eres nueva criatura verdad? Es una de las primeras cosas que aprendemos. 2 Corintios 5:17 nos lo afirma.  Pero cuando fuiste echo nueva criatura, sabias que Dios te dejo una tarea? Si, Dios mismo te encargó algo.


….Y nos dio el ministerio de reconciliación; que Dios estaba en Cristo reconciliando consigo al mundo, no tomandole en cuenta a los hombres sus pecados, y nos encargó a nosotros la palabra de reconciliación.  2 Cor 5:18-19

Cuando nacemos de nuevo, no solo somos hechos completamente nuevos, sino que se nos encarga por Dios mismo que le digamos a todos que Dios NO está tomando en cuenta los pecados de nadie!!! Que Dios mismo, en Cristo Jesus, hizo que la amistad entre Dios y el hombre se reanudara!  Esas son magnificas noticias!!!

Y es nuestro deber decirle a todos que Dios es su Amigo, que NO esta enojado con ellos, y es mas, que no Dios no esta pensando en los pecados de nadie, sino en la amistad que quiere con ellos!

Por lo tanto, si tenemos semejante encargo, no nos quedemos con ese mensaje sin entregarlo.  Demoslo a conocer, dado a que Dios mismo nos lo dio para que lo entreguemos a todos!  Comprometamonos hoy:

“Señor, se que soy ministro del mensaje de reconciliación.  Desde hoy, daré a conocer a los hombres ese mensaje que me encargaste, para que sepan de Tu deseo de hacer amistad con ellos.   Gracias Jesus!!”


I have good news for you today!  Extremely good!  I am so excited about it! It’s so exciting that I’m sure you’ll agree with me about how great it is after I tell you what is.

I’m sure you know that God loves you.  But wait, there’s more…..!!!

You see, He loves you SO much, that He gave Jesus for you (John 3:16).  You knew this too? Great!  So we can agree that His love is immeasurable, beyond limits, beyond words.  But, did you know that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO THAT WOULD MAKE HIM STOP LOVING YOU??  It’s true!!!!


This is the best news I’ve heard since finding out that He loves me!  Dwell on this today, and have a great day!!!!

Over and Above

How often have you felt down in the dumps?  Like you’re not quite ready for another week to start, let alone another year?  How often have you felt like no matter what, you just can’t seem to get above the circumstances?  Now, how would you like to feel as free as the wind?  On top of the world? Like you can accomplish anything?  Like you can soar above every circumstance and nothing can knock you down?  Like no matter how turbulent life may seem, it is always well with you?

Well I have good news!  If you are a born again believer, if you have asked Jesus to be Lord of your life, YOU ARE ABOVE THE CIRCUMSTANCES AND NOTHING CAN STAND AGAINST YOU!!!!

You see, when Jesus was on the earth, He came with a mission.  Of course He came to give us salvation from eternal death.  Of course He came to save humanity from eternal doom.  But He also came to give us SO much MORE!! Among the many other things He did for us while here, He also came to give us PEACE! He said while on the earth that no matter how grim life seemed, no matter how hard hopelessness was staring us in the face,  HE OVERCAME THE WORLD!! image And not only did HE overcome the world, He gave us peace for living in this world!  You might say, “yeah He overcame, but why do I still have trouble then?”  Well, let’s note that He also warned us that there would be trouble in this world.  It’s not going away.  And yes I know, some might say “well that’s no help! Why didn’t He just take trouble away completely?”  Well, that may sound reasonable, but if you don’t have adversity coming at you always, how will you know then that you have peace?  If life is always smooth sailing, then what will you overcome? You wouldn’t need peace, you wouldn’t need the overcoming and saving power of Jesus Himself would you?  Ahh but what a difference it makes to walk the streets of this world, the devil coming at you with everything he has, and knowing in your heart that Jesus Himself not only overcame the world with all its trials and troubles, but that He also you left you peace like nothing else to keep you during times of trouble.  And He did it all for YOU.

So let’s commit today to not feel down in the dumps again.  Let’s commit to not allow life’s circumstances dictate how we approach life.  Say this today:

“Father, I thank you for the peace giving love of Jesus.  I thank you because I realize that no matter how difficult life may seem to get, I have the peace and triumph of Jesus NOW! IT BELONGS TO ME!!!”


Bigger than life

Life indeed seems pretty quiet and steady oftentimes. Yet most other times, it can seem turbulent and problematic with no apparent light at the end of the tunnel. But things are not always what they seem, or are they?

You see, what we focus on every day, seems to be magnified! The more you think about the problem, the bigger and bigger it may seem to get. Although if looked at objectively, it’s still the same size. But your constant attention to it made it look bigger and more furious didn’t it?

So what’s our hope? Ahhhh! What a hope we have! You see, we have the ability to turn our attention to Jesus instead and know that not only does He seem bigger, but He indeed IS bigger than any problem, illness or circumstance!

Notice I’m not suggesting the denial of said problem, rather the turning of my focus to Jesus-the WORD. Once I do that, life looks different! I can then focus my attention to His Word, and if there is illness threatening my life, instead of thinking on that day and night, I can think on His Word that says that by His stripes, I was healed!!! (1 Peter 2:24).

I can say to the mountain in my life “Move!” And it WILL OBEY!! (Mark 11:23-25)

Let’s then, knowing that if we focus on Him and not on life’s curve balls, focus on the Word. The truth is that THAT is BIGGER than LIFE!

Say this with me today: “I choose to pay my attention and focus on You Lord Jesus, and not on the circumstances of life!”

Inside ME

We all hear that God is in heaven and yet watches all we do.  We know that He is everywhere.  Because of His omnipresent capability, He can do that-be everywhere and know everything all the time!  Pretty impressive right?  Who else can do that?  Who else can be so inmense so as to be everywhere at the same time?? NO ONE!  That’s right, no one can.

I’m sure we all knew that already.  But, as LARGE and INMENSE as He is, as HUGE and GREAT as He is, did you know that He is small enough to live in you and me?  It’s true!  We always think of God as SO huge, that He cannot be contained.  And indeed He is.  But He is also small enough to live inside each one of us.  You see, if you are born again, He lives in you already!  He could be anywhere and everywhere, but He really would much rather be in you!

While Jesus was on the earth, and before He went up to heaven, He told us in John 14:17 that the Spirit of truth would be in us.   Then in verse 26 He reminds us that the Holy Spirit would be in us, and He also lets us know that He would be our advocate!  Not only that, but He will also teach us everything we need to know.  Moreover, in chapter 16, verses 13-15 He says that the Spirit of truth will guide us AND tell us all He hears from Jesus, AND show us everything that belongs to the Father!

So why do we always think of God as being so far off into heaven, that we need to pray extra hard in order to be heard?  You need to keep in mind that the Lord God Almighty, your Father, lives INSIDE YOU.  So no matter how WE may feel about how close or how far God is at any given time, the truth of the matter is that He is INSIDE US!  As BIG as He is, HIS HUGENESS ABIDES IN YOU!!! That’s right!!  So the next time you are feeling like God is just too far, too high, too busy, or just not close enough,  think of how close He really is!